Welcome to my personal website! You’ll find some tidbits about me, and some code and ideas of which I think at least a couple of people are interested in them.

This website uses the site generator Jekyll and is hosted by Github. The source can also be found there, under a MIT license. The design is based on a Jekyll theme that was created by Jeff Martin, Flex.


I am a scientist by training and a software engineer by profession. Some of my lifelong interests are machine learning and AI, robotics, and engineering in general; I love working on the cutting edge of science and technology. Also check out my Resume.

Remco Tukker

What I Do Best

  • Software Development
    • Programming (C#, Java, Python, Javascript, C, C++, Delphi, Matlab)
    • Architecture of distributed systems
    • Documentation
  • Analysis
    • Functional and business requirements for software
    • Modeling complex or distributed systems
    • Operations Research
  • Research and application of Machine Learning
    • Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
    • Evolutionary Algorithms


Just drop me an email at remco@remcotukker.com