Some interesting links, especially for myself!




  • Robert Murray Smith Chemist that has a lot of videos showing you precisely how to make photoactive materials, graphene, batteries, etc.
  • Nyle Steiner Mainly electronics related experiments, such as homemade tunnel diodes, memristors and lots of other components. Also has links to more science projects websites at the bottom of his website.
  • Laserhacker Interesting electronics stuff.

Operations Research

A couple of open source scheduling programs that include automatic scheduling:

  • FET GPL licensed scheduling software for schools that claims to schedule anything within 6k teachers and 30k student groups within 20 minutes.
  • UniTime GPL licensed scheduling software based on a Phd thesis that describes the constraint solver, which is supposedly very powerful.
  • Tablix GPL licensed scheduling software using a genetic algorithm.

A couple of apparently better known commercial scheduling programs for schools that include automatic scheduling:

  • ascTimeTables 400 euro and upwards. Only doing schedules for education. Looks quite modern.
  • PrimeTable 250 euro per year and upwards. Only doing schedules for education. Works on phones/tablets (who would want that??).
  • MIMOSA 500 euro and upwards for larger schools / add-ons, etc. Only doing scheduling for education.
  • REDIKER unknown price, company focuses on school administration, should have good integration with their own products at least (?).
  • UNTIS unknown price, only doing scheduling for education.
  • EMS Campus unknown price, doing scheduling for all kinds of organization (not manufacturing though).


Artificial Intelligence

  • Vicarious Company started by a cofounder of Numenta. (By the way, some interview with Jeff Hawkins suggested they didn’t part on friendly terms, but who cares..)
  • Algorithms, games, and evolution Recent article making a link between game theory and evolution, trying to explain the role of sex and maintainance of variation
  • The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to Evolutionary Computation
  • Push: a language specifically designed for genetic programming (with a tree representation)
  • Slash/A: a language specifically designed for linear genetic programming

Go (Baduk)

  • Sensei’s Library Everything you’ll ever want to know about Go, including computer Go here and here and here.
  • Zen Currently the best Go playing program. Japanese website though :-(
  • Crazy Stone One of the leading Go playing programs.
  • Fuego One of the previous generation of top Go playing programs. Open source, C++!
  • Pachi One of the previous generation of top Go playing programs (no MC). Open source, C++!
  • Tesuji Go Library Java library with Go code.
  • Oakfoam New Go playing program that uses MC search.
  • GnuGo Open source Go playing program. Not particularly strong, but parts of the program can be reused.
  • Go Text Protocol A protocol that can be used to talk to Go servers.
  • A Kids Guide to Playing Go For getting started!